Introducing the RH-150AUTO
H-150AUTO Portable Hardness Tester
The RH-150AUTO is a
modular, portable hardness
tester (Rockwell). It performs
true Rockwell tests, all in
a portable package!

About Us

History of G & R Technology Inc.

G & R Technology Inc. was founded in 1992 in the state of New Jersey, USA, dedicated to designing and making high quality portable hardness testers. We subsequently relocated to the state of California, USA ten years later. For over two decades, we have been designing and building precise and reliable hardness testers.

In 1994, the HT series handheld testers debuted in the North American market as the smallest and most accurate Leeb hardness testers in the world.  There are currently more than 10,000 units of the HT series testers in use worldwide.

In 2006, the patented RH-150 Rockwell Tester debuted. This convenient portable tester is the most precise portable Rockwell hardness tester in the world. It is one of the few portable Rockwell testers that performs a true Rockwell test, so there is no need for converted readings. This reliable and versatile tester is suitable to test a large variety of parts, big and small.

In 2014, the RH-150 has been updated to the RH-150AUTO and RH-45AUTO Rockwell testers. The new RH AUTO testers contain the same accurate sensors as their predecessors, but have motors to perform tests much quicker!