Introducing the RH-150AUTO
H-150AUTO Portable Hardness Tester
The RH-150AUTO is a
modular, portable hardness
tester (Rockwell). It performs
true Rockwell tests, all in
a portable package!


LEEB TESTERTrying to find a Leeb tester? G&R Technology is dedicated to making high quality portable hardness testers. If you’re looking for an RH Auto Rockwell hardness tester, a highly accurate, compact and easy to use Leeb tester, or accessories for your testing purposes, trust G&R Technology to meet your needs. Visit online at or call 805-499-8015 to speak with a specialist.

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Garage Door Repair Falls Church

garage door repair falls churchContrary to what some homeowners think, garage door repairs are too complicated to be made into a DIY weekend project. You will need to call in mechanics who specialize in garage door repair Falls Church to safely handle and efficiently fix your system. Contact (703)543-9407 now and we can come to your home ASAP.    Falls Church Garage Door (703)543-9407

Pressure Blast Cabinet

pressure blast cabinetIf you are in need of an excellent pressure blast cabinet, Badboy Blasters is the place to go. Badboy Blasters has a wide variety of sand blasters including abrasive blasters, shot sand blasters, media sand blasters, and much more. For more information or to see Badboy's full selection you can go online to or call (330)-454-2699. Bad Boy Blasters

G&R Technology Inc.G&R Technology Inc.G&R Technology Inc.

Epoxy Flooring Moncton

Epoxy Flooring MonctonEpoxy flooring in Moncton just got a little more interesting. Garage Kings offer a custom marbled epoxy floor that is completely unique in aesthetic appearance and comes with a 9 year adhesion guarantee. Multiple colors and metallic epoxy effects create a custom seamless floor you’ll love showing off, with unlimited design options available. Call 866-417-5464 to speak with an epoxy pro from Garage Kings.

G&R Technology Inc.G&R Technology Inc.

Ashburn Garage Door

ashburn garage doorHas your old garage door fallen into disrepair? Don’t try to fix it yourself. For professional results, seek help from an Ashburn garage door repair specialist. Working with experts can save you from making expensive mistakes, which means you’ll a lot of money than if you tried the DIY approach. Garage Door Repair Company Ashburn

Overhead Door Of Dallas

overhead door of dallas
Having problems with your overhead door of Dallas? Family Christian Doors can provide a complete replacement or make a repair to your overhead doors at an affordable price you’ll appreciate. As a Christian values focused business, FCD is dedicated to providing reliable service that you can count on. Call 972-292-7144 or stop by online for more information.

G&R Technology Inc.G&R Technology Inc.G&R Technology Inc.G&R Technology Inc.
G&R Technology Inc.G&R Technology Inc.G&R Technology Inc.