Types of Steel | GRHardnessTester.comThe following is a list of different types of steel along with their uses.


High Carbon Steel – Has great hardness and brittleness. Used for dies and cutting tools.

Low/Medium Carbon Steel – Amenability to welding and tooling. Used for sheeting and structural forms.

Alloy Steels – Most widely used steel because you can achieve different qualities when combining different elements.

Aluminum Steel – High tensile strength and smooth.

Chromium Steel – High hardness, strength, and elasticity. Commonly used for the auto and aerospace industries.

Nickel Steel – Nonmagnetic, high tensile strength without the brittleness. Most commonly used  alloy steel.

Nickel-chromium Steel – Possesses a shock resistant quality. Used for armor plate.

Stainless Steel – High tensile strength, resists abrasion and corrosion.


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