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If you work with metals or in an industry requiring precise hardness measurements, a Leeb hardness tester can be a convenient and useful tool to have. However, it is well worth taking the time to ensure that you are getting the most out of your purchase. Keep in mind that there are two key features that you should look for before selecting a hardness tester – the ideal tester will be both easy to operate and versatile.


Easy to Use

When choosing which Leeb hardness tester to purchase, you should first and foremost take into account whether a tester is user friendly. The whole appeal of a handheld hardness tester is its convenience and ability to offer a speedy and accurate measurement. However, this advantage is lost for those testers which are counterintuitively designed or require a great number of steps in order to produce a measurement. Some particularly straightforward designs follow a three step process, in which the user inputs the material being tested, loads the instrument, and presses a button to test the material’s hardness. Such simple loading and testing mechanisms save time and hassle, and ensure quick results when you need them.



To get the most out of your investment, select a tester that is designed with versatility in mind. For one thing, it is a good idea to opt for a tester that is well equipped to test a wide range of materials of varying hardness, as you never know what you might want to test with it in the future. Another manner in which hardness testers can be versatile is their size. The most convenient testers are often those which are designed to be compact and portable, allowing the user to easily transport them and use them one-handedly if need be.


Choose the Best

Ultimately, hardness testers exist to offer quick and convenient measurements of different materials. This goal can be best achieved if you choose a Leeb hardness tester with a simple and versatile design. Pick the tester that best suits your needs, and your choice will pay off.


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