Portable Hardness Tester | GRHardnessTester.comAlthough there are several methods you can use to check the hardness of a metal, the Rockwell method remains one of the most utilized and accurate tests.  The process of assessing parts has become easier with the development of a portable hardness tester Rockwell advocates can trust.  Portability is a desired trait because it allows for more flexibility without giving up any of the function of traditional testing machines.

When you are trying to decide which type of tester to purchase, a machine you can take anywhere is probably at the top of your list.  Fortunately, you do not have to sacrifice capability because the right portable tester can still evaluate large and small pieces. Some models now have motors, which provide faster results.  These models can also come with a rechargeable battery for extended use.  If a Bluetooth connectivity option is available, it can provide fast transmission of calculations to your office or database.

As there are multiple types of tests you can apply, sometimes conversions are necessary between calculations based on different methods.  A portable hardness tester with Rockwell calculations cuts out the confusion and delay that conversions can cause.  Look for brands with good reliability ratings that can repeat calculations.  A version with a memory capacity that can store multiple readings can also be helpful in high volume situations.

Parts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but a good hardness tester can handle multiple sizes and different shapes including discs, balls, and tubes.  You may also want to be sure that accessories are available with a potential tester.  Frames that allow you to test diverse shapes create more versatility.Similarly, an assortment of vices will let you adapt to unusual forms.

Leeb Hardness Tester | GRHardnessTester.com

In addition to a portable hardness tester using Rockwell techniques, a tester using Leeb techniques is a good complementary or alternative option.  Like the Rockwell test, the Leeb test provides accurate results and is a well-respected method.  Whichever choice is right for you, both options can offer you dependability and satisfaction.



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