Hardness Tester Portable | GRHardnessTester.comAll engineers and construction foremen know it. There comes a time in a project life cycle when you need something more user-friendly than the standard bench hardness tester. You need a hardness tester portable enough to go where you go, and one that can read out standard Rockwell units. You can also use these testers to determine the right tool to use, or to select the best material for the job.

Metals of any size and shape can be tested with a hardness tester for portable use. Simply place the piece of test material between the adjust supporter and the indenter, select the amount of force you want to use for your preliminary load (i.e. 10 kg), your main load (60, 100, or 150 kg), and then unload the preliminary force. The display then calculates the difference between the two indentations caused by the different forces, and produces your hardness reading.

While all portable testers will be useful on the jobsite or factory floor, handheld testers bear a small size and shape to further simplify the process of determining a material’s hardness. They are the smallest of all the options, easy to use, highly accurate, and measure directly in HL, HV, HB, HRC and HS. You can then transfer data wirelessly to the printer or any other device.

Heavy and large projects, such as turbine housings and steel mill rolls, require a good hand-held hardness tester portable enough to be easy to use. However, micro level projects also need the tester in making determinations such as whether a rotary saw blade is hard enough to cut through aluminum siding, and whether a hammer is hard enough not to chip and flake against tough nails. Take your portable tester up on the roof or down to the production floor – they go where you need to go.

Everyone is looking for a way to simplify tasks and projects. Choose the hardness tester portable and user-friendly enough that is right for you. Then reap the savings to your cost and time projections.


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