Rockwell Hardness Tester | GRHardnessTester.comIn the metal fabrication industry or any company that provides products constructed from metal, it is vital that the material is of the best quality. To ensure the highest grade metal, it must be tested under laboratory conditions before releasing it for sale and public use. The best way to test metal is to use a Rockwell hardness tester. This is a scale that tests a metal’s ability to withstand indentations and scratches.

More hardness testers are being used by various industries because it provides an affordable, quick and reliable way of testing their metal sheets. For businesses contemplating of incorporating a hardness tester into their factory or warehouse, it is important that they purchase the right model. Several variations are available, and those looking for one that specifically tests metal should be sure that the brand has the Rockwell designation. Other brands are used to test other types of material and are definitely not interchangeable.

A Rockwell hardness tester uses a very precise and accurate testing application when evaluating the durability of metal. The way it works is that a small load is placed on top of the metal to establish a base number. Afterwards, a heavier load is placed directly on top of it, and the tester measures the degree of penetration caused by the heavy load. The great thing about a hardness tester is its precision as it is able to provide an accurate assessment and a number figure. This makes it effective to determine how well each tested metal performed. Even if no visible signs of compression can be seen on the metal by the naked eye, the hardness tester can detect even the subtlest signs of penetration.

Testing in a ring

Metal suppliers have to provide the best quality material for their clients in order to maintain a reputable brand. With a Rockwell hardness tester, businesses can reliably and confidently provide their consumers with the best metals worthy for use regardless of the application and intended use.


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