Structure | GRHardnessTester.comGenerally, hospital buildings are made airtight in order to contain diseases and prevent them from spreading.  A new structure plan has been created for two clinics in Haiti that is completely different from what we are used to.  Unlike the enclosed rooms of a usual hospital, the rooms in these new clinics will have windows across from each other to help with cross ventilation.  The two diseases that these clinics will attempt to tackle are cholera and tuberculosis.  Tuberculosis flourishes in closed space sot he open windows will hopefully prevent that from happening.  The plan is to use the island’s cross breezes to help heal patients.  This is why the clinics are open-air.  The building’s steel roof will also help hot air circulate up and out of the structure.  The design for these clinics was created by MASS Design Group and they are expected to open very soon.