A new high-entropy metal alloy was recently created by researchers at North Carolina State University and Quatar University.  What makes this new alloy so special is that it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any other metal material.  A high-entropy alloy is “a material that consists of five or more metals in approximately equal amounts.”  The alloy that the researchers created was made out of lithium, magnesium, titanium, aluminum, and scandium.  Together, these materials created an alloy as light as aluminum but as strong as titanium.  The alloy’s nanocrystalline grain sizes explains its extreme hardness, although its hardness value exceeds that of a nanocrystalline Al base allow.  The only issue they are running into with this new alloy is that it is made up of 20 percent scandium which is an extremely expensive material.   They will do more research to see if scandium can be replaced or removed without effecting the desirable qualities of the alloy.


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