Metal Hardness Tester | GRHardnessTester.comDifferent industries think of metal hardness in different ways. Metallurgists think of a metal’s resistance to penetration when they think of hardness testing. Design engineers typically refer to the flow stress measurement of metal when they talk about metal hardness. Workers in the metals industry think of resistance to permanent deformation when they think about metal hardness. Regardless of what metal hardness means to you, if you need to measure the hardness of a metal, then you need a reliable metal hardness tester.

Metal hardness testers are designed to test the hardness of metal in a variety of ways. Some test for metal hardness by forcing an object into the metal and retrieving data regarding the depth of the indentation as it relates to the load. Others test for metal hardneMetal Hardness Testing | GRHardnessTester.comss by scratching the surface of the metal. Some utilize rebound tests or blunt plowing tests to determine the hardness of a metal. Still others use electromagnetic or ultrasonic testing to determine a metal’s hardness. Regardless of the method used, a metal hardness tester is designed to yield some type of answer regarding the hardness of the metal being tested.

The whole purpose behind testing a metal’s hardness is to determine if that metal is suitable for a particular application. Once hardness testing has been performed, it is easier to determine whether a type or piece of metal can be safely used for an intended purpose, or if it is not strong enough to be used for that purpose. Metal hardness testing is essential for determining the proper use of materials in the automotive, aerospace, and structural industries. Without reliable hardness testing, consumers would not have as much confidence in the vehicles they drive or the buildings they work from.

If you work in an industry that requires metal hardness testing, make sure you purchase a metal hardness tester that is reliable, sturdy, and can be easily utilized for all of your metal hardness testing needs.


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