Steel Hardness Tester | GRHardnessTester.comThe strength of steel is related to its hardness.  The harder it is, the more it is able to withstand wear and tear when a load is brought to bear upon it.  Hardness also relates to how stiff a metal is.Machine parts must be able to bear loads without damage so that the machines can function properly and safely. Sometimes damage is invisible and cannot be detected without gauging hardness. A steel hardness tester provides quick and accurate readouts about the strength of the part being tested.  Monitoring these results means you will know when there is a potential issue and can take steps to prevent problems.

To ensure you are getting the most accurate results, it is helpful to find a tester that utilizes a reliable method such as the Rockwell or Leeb tests.  These tests are widely used by engineers and are two of the most accurate methods available.  They do differ in their processes, however, so it is useful to understand how they work when you are contemplating purchasing or using a steel hardness tester.

On a basic level, the Rockwell test sends a diamond bit at the machine part to make two indentations.  The indentations are measured and given a score which is compared to a scale to determine hardness.The Leeb test also gets a result which is scored and compared, but instead of an indentation, it uses velocity to determine strength.  An object is sent at high speed toward a surface and the rate of the rebound is determined for a score.

There are several features to keep in mind that enhance testers.Portable models are extremely convenient as they can go anywhere.  A high quality one will not lose any of the function of a traditional, non-portable steel hardness tester.Motorized versions have the advantage of returning their results much more quickly than older versions.  There are also brands available that have Bluetooth capability, rechargeable batteries, and large memory capacity.  Accessories, such as frames, test blocks, and supports can give you more versatility.


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