Graphene | GRHardnessTester.comResearchers from the University of Massachusetts and the Rice University in Houston are finding that graphene could make for an excellent material for body armor.  Graphene seems to have all the attributes needed to make almost the perfect body armor.  It is strong but thin, electrically conductive, and flexible.  The material even proves the be stronger than steel when between 10 and 100 layers are put together.  The theory was tested by Jae-Hwang Lee and his colleagues by turning lasers to accelerate a microbullet to recreate the effect of being shot.  The study showed that graphene could absorb the shock of a bullet 10 times better than steel could.  Graphene absorbed energy up to 0.92MJ/kg while steel can only absorb 0.08MJ/kg.  The challenge for researchers is to deal with the cracking of graphene.  They proposed combining graphene with other materials.  This is not the only study done recently with graphene.  Another study is working on using the material to improve hydrogen fuel cell efficiency.


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