Construction | GRHardnessTester.comContractors and structural engineers shoulder a great deal of responsibility. Not only are they expected to complete complex, large-scale projects on time and within budget, they can also be held liable if the structures they create are unsafe. There are many facets to producing buildings that will hold up over time, one of the most important of which is ensuring that the materials used will provide the structural integrity necessary for the loads they must bear. Because of this, portable hardness testers are a pivotal part of the design and construction process of any major structure.


Common Hardness Testers

Rockwell and Leeb are two of the most commonly used hardness tests. The former was patented in 1914 and the latter was developed in the 1970s. In their portable forms, both are considered nondestructive tests, meaning that they do not destroy the materials that are being tested.

The Rockwell test determines hardness based on a measurement of the how deeply an indenter penetrates a material. The correlation between indentations and tensile strength is linear. While initially created as fixed workstations that were used in testing areas and laboratories, Rockwell testers are now available in portable options.

Leeb tests, rather than relying on indention measurements, determine hardness based on the rebound impact that occurs after a defined body strikes a material sample. Essentially, a faster rebound equates to a harder material.


The Importance of Portability

Portable Hardness Tester | GRHardnessTester.comOriginal hardness testers were stationary and could therefore be cumbersome to use for ongoing construction projects. Fortunately, other options now exist. Leeb testers have always been portable, as they were designed to be alternatives to conventional hardness testing equipment. Rockwell tester manufacturers, responding to the demand for portability, have also created smaller, more convenient versions of their testers that are just as accurate as their stationary counterparts.

When charged with the tough responsibilities that accompany large construction projects, contractors and engineers rely on hardness testing equipment to ensure that the materials they are using will stand up to a building’s needs. By using portable Rockwell tester and Leeb tester, these professionals can be certain that their structures will be safe for use in the years to come.



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