Metal Hardness Tester | GRHardnessTester.comThe use of metal to improve daily life has been going on for a very long time. In order to deliver safe and effective results, professionals often need to know how hard specific metals are. Not too long ago, the testing methods available to those professionals were sometimes too complicated and sometimes too expensive for their purposes. One man was determined to find a solution to this problem and Stanley P. Rockwell did just that. He developed his own method of testing using sequence of force applications that deliver many specifics regarding the hardness, resistance, and strength of those metals and plastics that are tested. With his metal hardness tester, Rockwell revolutionized the world of hardness testing.

Workers today in many different industries experience the benefits of that first hardness tester. One major benefit of the Rockwell system is the speed at which the tester works. Rockwell’s tester is much faster than the Vickers test. Within just a few seconds, most materials can be tested and the information can be taken into account, getting projects up and running in just a fraction of the time that it once took.

Rockwell’s metal hardness tester is flexible and appropriate for many different applications. For example, one of the tester’s predecessors was the Brinell test. This machine was large and unwieldy and was really only cost-effective for very large scale projects. The idea of a portable test machine along these lines was practically unimaginable. Today, small businesses, groups working with plastic, and those projects that require an on-site tester can all take advantage of Rockwell’s handiwork.

The Scleroscope test is a third type of test once used to measure hardness. It was difficult to perform, however. The Rockwell metal hardness tester using an indenter, such as a diamond cone or a tungsten carbide, in order to deliver and leave indentations in a material sample. The indentations can then be measured in order to obtain a hardness rating. Through Stanley Rockwell’s efforts, professionals in all industries have a better way to obtain the measurements they need.


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