Portable Hardness Tester  | GRHardnessTester.comHardness tests are frequently used to measure the overall quality of a particular material. Though they are not able to covey a material’s performance capabilities, they are the best way to determine its overall strength and wear resistance. There are several ways to perform a hardness test, but the Rockwell method has proven to be the most popular. With the help of a portable hardness tester, you can decide how suitable a material is for commercial use.

The Rockwell test is based around the size of the indentation that is created when a large amount of force is placed upon an object. This force is applied with an indenter, which can be either a conical diamond or a hard steel ball. After placing a small preliminary load on the material, a major load is used to create an indentation. The depth of the indentation is measured and then converted to a number on the hardness scale.

The Rockwell method does not use the same type of scale for every material. For example, soft alloys such as aluminum and copper are measured on the B scale, whereas steel, iron, and other hard metals are measured on the C scale. There are also two different types of Rockwell tests: a regular test and a superficial test. The former is used to measure the bulk hardness of a material, and the latter is used for more surface-sensitive measurements.

A portable hardness tester can easily perform the Rockwell test, andit is useful for a variety of applications. For example, whenever new materials are being used for a construction or engineering project, the tester can inspect them to ensure they are sufficiently strong. In addition, the tester can also be used for quality control for metal treatment and grade verification for hard plastics.

The portable hardness tester uses precise measurement tools to provide you with an accurate and reliable Rockwell test. As evidenced by its name, the device is easy to transport, and its overall versatility allows you to use it for a wide range of applications.


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